About us

With the advancement of technology and the rapidly changing business world, we realize and have hence combined the best of both worlds in order to create our latest masterpiece project, Sense Valley myawaddy. The project has been initiated by partners from Thailand, the Myanmar Government, Chinese property developers and our partnership with global businesses.


Consumer Service

We are going another step further by implementing blockchain technology and Decentralized Finance (DeFi) to our services leveraging decentralized networks.

Jewelry Hub

We will gather the top Jewelry stores around Thailand, Myanmar and around the world in order to offer the best one-stop jewelry destination with the latest designs and a very competitive pricing.


Our platform will feature the latest tools and instruments for traders, offer staking and monetization of their tokens as well as offer immediate cash out from their digital asset.

Business Consultation

Most startups fail due to lack of experiences and connections. We will be providing a one-stop business consultation platform which will include experienced Venture Capitals.

Retreat Center

With the correct retreatments, customers will have a better health and a longer life span so we have researched deeper into the market in order to provide the ultimate retreatment center.

Educational Institutions

In order to cater for manpower and skilled labors, we are partnering with leading educational and vocational institutions to provide short term courses on languages

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